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Thanks for booking!

You have booked a stay at Coniston Cottage. We'd like to provide you with information to plan your stay and get the most out of it.

Firstly, please read the guest guide here as it contains most of what you need to know such as check-in and out times, WiFi passwords and what is in the cottage etc.

Coniston Cottage is on a hill side with views over Coniston Water and Grizedale Forest. Guests often say that the cottage is difficult to find so we have created a short dash cam video so you can study the route in advance. Also, there's a map with orange markers indicating the best route. Some of the corners and turns are tight but take it slowly and you'll be fine. Watch the video. Here is a link to a map.

We will send you the key code for the cottage a few days before your stay.

There is parking for one vehicle outside the cottage. You may have to park slightly diagonally depending on your car size. Here's a picture of the parking space.

Finally, here is a contact number in case you need to message us. 07909907760

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