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Guest Guide

We hope you enjoy your stay at Coniston Cottage. Here is some information to help you with your stay.

Address and Directions

The address of Coniston Cottage is 8 Vale View, Coniston, Cumbria, LA21 8EZ. We recommend accessing the cottage via 'Station Road' and 'The Banks' as other routes are very tight and can be difficult to approach with a car. See Map here and watch a short dash cam video here. There is space for one vehicle outside the cottage. You may have to park slightly diagonally if you have a longer vehicle. Please only park in the space for No 8 (Coniston Cottage).

The code to the key safe on the cottage front door will have been supplied to you by text message before your stay. Guests are asked to arrive after 4pm on the day of arrival and leave by 11am on the day of departure as this gives our cleaners a window to prepare the property.

Gas and Electric
Gas and electric are included in the price.

Range Cooker

If the clock on the range cooker is flashing, press the two leftmost buttons and then press '+' or '-'. The clock will stop flashing and the cooker will operate. It is important you close the glass lid on the gas cooker after use as this has a safety feature that shuts off the gas supply.

There is free WiFi in the cottage. Look for 'JS-Coniston'. The password is: 8Valeview_1234.

The heating will be on a schedule for you when you arrive. The heating comes on at about 6:30am until about 9am. After this the heating goes off until about 4pm and stays on until 10pm. If you require heat at other times or want to vary the temperature, use the controller mounted on the wall near the front door. It would be great if you could turn the heating down when you leave the cottage.

Hot Water

Hot water is available on demand. 


There are TWO bedrooms. The master bedroom at the front sleeps two (double). The rear bedroom has two single beds. 


If you need advice, call or text 079 099 077 60. If you have any questions before you leave for your stay, you can use the contact form to message us.

What to bring, what's supplied.

This is a self catering cottage. Bed linen and towels are supplied plus  basic toiletries such as Soap, Liquid Hand Soap, Bubble Bath and Toilet Rolls are available in the bathroom. There are also condiments in the kitchen. We ask that guests remove the bedding on the last day and pop it into the laundry bags along with any used towels. 

In the kitchen, you will find all the usual Cutlery, Crockery and Pots & Pans. Please don't place hot pans on the work surfaces but use the hot plate stand provided. Please do not turn off the sockets that are marked 'do not turn off'. These sockets provide power for the heating and the WiFi.

Feel free explore the cupboards for condiments, cleaning products, bin liners, trays and paper towels etc. Use as required. We provide a general purpose recycling bin which our cleaning staff will empty this after you leave. There is a recycling depot on Lake Road as you walk down to the lake side if you prefer to deposit recycling. 

We have a portable BBQ kit which you can use on the terrace or take out for the day.

The kit comprises a Weber Take Everywhere BBQ, Carry Bag, pressed foil cooking trays

(spares in the tall cupboard), gas lighter and a range of tools. Charcoal is not provided

but there's space in the bag for a self lighting pack. We recommend you buy the self-

igniting charcoal packs and place in the BBQ, light the wrapping and leave to get hot

in the location you want to have the BBQ. When finished, cool the BBQ coals with water

and leave to go cool.  Dispose of the used charcoal in a safe place. If outdoors, in a river

or lake. If in the garden, amongst the shrubs when cold. We ask you to clean the BBQ and

its tools in the cottage sink and return to the area you found it. Thank you.

Charcoal can be bought at the petrol station in the village.

Terrace Area

There is a terrace and garden area. On the terrace you will find a bistro table and chairs. In the cottage are padded cushions for these chairs.


Log Burner.

We supply an initial basket of logs (circular basket). The tall log stack is for display only. If you would like to buy a large sack of dry, seasoned logs, they are available for £8 per sack and you can buy these by messaging us. Firelighters and kindling is supplied. The log burner will burn dry logs and smokeless coal. We strongly recommend you use our logs because we source well seasoned logs from a local supplier and these give the best results when burning. Please return fire lighters to the safety of this cupboard rather than leave near the fire.

Fire Safety

The log burner is very safe if used correctly. Always keep the door closed when the fire is burning. Only open the door when adding fuel to the fire and you MUST use the heat resistant glove provided to touch the door handle as it gets very hot. If you have small children, you might want to light  the fire after they have gone to bed. You probably won't need to empty the fire's ash tray unless you are staying for more than a week. If you need to empty the tray, do so ONLY in the morning when the fire is cold. Take the ash to the garden and sprinkle on the grass to dispose.

Television and Technology

The TV is a 40" Sony SMART, Internet enabled TV so can receive FreeView, Players like iPlayer and services like NetFlix and Amazon Prime. You can also stream from from your SMART Phone or Tablet to the TV. To use the Chrome Cast with one of your devices, set the Source to HDMI1 - ChromeCast.

There are speakers in the TV cabinet. These will be attached to the TV but you can also plug them into your phone or Tablet to play music.

Feedback and Regular Visitor Discounts.

If you have stayed with us before and book directly with us through our own website, we will offer you an additional discount on the quoted prices. Also, pick up the £50 off vouchers we leave with your welcome pack and pass them on to your friends. We appreciate your feedback so if you are invited to leave online reviews that would be appreciated. There is also a feedback form with your welcome pack if you prefer that method. We hope to see you again.

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